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2007 New Year Resolution

Be a better person (hudband/father/son/friend/neighbor):
- Spend more quality time with family. Use time more effeciently; use Google calendar to formalize them, and to be in sync with EC.
- Keep closer contacts with friends.
- Socialize more with neighbors & other kids' parents. Greet on the street, remember their family members' names (using outlook?).

Be a better worker:
- Do more code review, to have better handle on on-going projects, and to make sure the quality of our products.
- Read Blogs (finance, tech, politics) daily, to improve my reading speed and to be able to abstract knowledge from vast information fast and accurately, which I think is more crucial than before.
- Read "Wilmott Forum" faithfully, to broaden my quant knowledge.
- Establish better relationship with clients. Be proactive, keeps all events on Salesforce.com more, as we have paid for it.
- Keep tracks of all the issues through Salesforce.com.

Be healthier:
- Exercise 3 times a week at New York Health & Racquet Club, especially when they have one near my office, one near my train station, and a "Beach Club" near my house.
- Eat veggie whenever possible.

Be more organized & efficient :
- Pay bills as they arrive.
- Keep desk & room tidy.
- Organize & backup my digital files: MP3 music, scanned important documents, downloaded PDFs, etc.
- Follow through. Through Outlook & my new cool cell phone.